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Manifold leak

I have a 2000 Ford F350 with the V10 in it. 6 of the 10 studs were broke off and I got them all out and put new ones in. I have replaced the gasket and had the manifold machined put it together but it is still leaking. Any ideas to get it sealed up.

Did you a) clean out all of the mounting bolt holes in the head after getting all of the old bolts out; b) completely clean & check the mating surface to the head; c) follow the torquing sequence & torque specs as given in a repair manual for the truck?

Are you sure its the manifold that is leaking? And I assume that you mean sucking air.

Is this the exhaust manifold? If it is see if you can get a copper gasket for it. The gasket I talking about is is for headers. I have use them to seal leaks on the factory manifolds when the factory gasket would not. They work great.

Hmmm…why was I assuming intake? Perhaps because I’m a space cadet since its obviously not a good assumption.

So perhaps the OP could clarify.

Hey cigroller. I was just guessing too. We each have 50/50 chance. Well I mite have better chance. V10 … 10 studs = 5 exhaust ports = 2 studs each. That would be my guess. LOL Yes the OP should clarify.

Ford Triton motors seem to have a high incidence of exhaust manifold issues such as this. One of them may be cracked or too badly warped to seal properly. Have you looked into replacement manifolds? They should be readily available and not horribly expensive.