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Head of Consumer Reports auto testing on radio today

Head of Consumer Reports auto testing interviewed on ‘Fresh Air’ about this year’s crop of cars. 17 minutes

Thanks for the link, I’ll download it to my podcast gadget and give it a listen. I used to listen to FA quite a bit, but for some reason the program’s focus seemed to change from general interest topics of the day to entertainment.

I thought it was always mostly entertainment, rarely cars. I fetch the segments and listen to the ones that interest me. They let Sonari Glinton, a knowledgeable auto journalist, conduct the interview.

Talking cars is their regular podcast that you can also find on youtube. Usually features the latest model’s or upcoming models that they’ve rented from the manufacturer to give a first review.

I’ll have to check the April Auto Issue at B&N. I cancelled my decades-old subscription due to the extreme boredom of their analysis. Also, there are so many things about new cars that are not useful.

Maybe CR should have mentioned the seat controls on the 2013 RAV4 are almost impossible to operate if your hands are weak. Should have bought the Honda. 2014 Grand Caravan controls are easy.

So, Subarus are the most reliable cars. She certainly has not been browsing on this site. All those lying whining Subaru owners with bad head gaskets should be ashamed of themselves!