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Head Lamp issue

Hello folks.

My ole faithful toyota camry had a head light go out. when I pulled the light bulb it did not seem blown to me in anyway. I noticed some white flakes on the connector. Is it possible that the plug is bad? What is the best way to clean it? Can the bulb still be blown even with the filament connected?

I am pretty useless with fixing most things on a car. Looking for the easy way to do this. LOL!!!

Usually you can see a broken filament, but not always. An ohmmeter check will tell you.

Yes, the flakes are an indication of corrosion, but without knowing more about the connector, I can’t comment on the possibility of cleaning it. But I’d try inserting and removing it numerous times, if the bulb is ok. The insertion/removal may clean the connections.

Easy way is to take it to a mechanic.

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You could swap the bulbs and see what happens. Also a lot of service places recommend replacing both lamps on the theory that the other one will fail soon.

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If it were mine I’d flush the connectors with a contact cleaner (with lube) and change both bulbs. If you can’t find a contact cleaner with lube, use one without and add “bulb lube” to the new bulb contacts. You cannot rely on a visual inspection to determine if a bulb is bad. The cleaner can be found at Radio Shack, the bulb lube at any parts store. Both are dirt cheap.

When my 2007 Highlander’s bulb went I had the local garage (not the one I use now) change them out. Quick and cheap. Both bulbs lasted about a year and were dimmer than the OEM ones. After those burned out I used Toyota replacement bulbs installed by a Lexus dealer and they are well into their third years and as bright as the day the vehicle was new. I’d pay more for the best bulbs available in the future. I think using clean surgical gloves to handle them is also wise if you do it yourself, though I don’t know for sure the oils on one’s hands will damage them like with halogens.