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'04 Toyota Matrix headlight wiring harness damaged

Today I picked up my son over at his girlfriends house, and her father was in the garage. He said he replaced the headlamp bulb, but did not insert it back in place before starting the car ( I guess to check it). The bulb and harness must have touched metal and caused a short at a wire into the harness. The bulb would work if you wiggled the wires. I was wondering if anyone had advice I could pass along to him.

Thanks, F.O.

Replace the damaged wire if only one, or replace the harness.

Um, your post is rather mysterious.

Headlight bulbs are very easy to replace. You could do it yourself. It’s not rocket science, and there’s no possibility of a “short” or anything else that might be dangerous.

Whoever this “guy” is, he’s an idiot, and not to be trusted.

Run away!

Work seems so simple to do before the results come back. You can’t tell him what he needs to know. If you could, we would be living in a reasonable world. He has to have a shop do his bulb changing in the future unless he is the type of person who learns from his mistakes. Then, never mind, his future is bright.

I’m guessing there’s not a short at all and this is more a matter of the the bulb itself or the bulb wire connector being damaged slightly; maybe due to excessive twisting or tugging.