Head Gasket

I’m getting ready to acquire a 2000 Monte Carlo SS at a great price. The former owner put 180k on it but it’s was mainly highway miles and he also maintained it meticuliously.

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The temp gauge failed to alert of an overheat and as a result, it’s blowing steam out the exhaust indicating a bad head gasket. This was identified after the owner took it to a mechanic.

Question: Should I re-build the existing motor or just go ahead and get a re-manufactured motor? I plan to keep the car for as long as possible and would like to go about this the best way.

Is this the overhead cam engine that was available on Lumina LTZ’s? (the 4 door version of your Monte).I see its based on the Impala.

OH so its the 200hp 3.8. The cars only worth $4500-$5000 What do you figure a “by the book” rebuild and install will cost 3k?. Check if GM offers a “crate motor” option for the 3.8. Perhaps a repair not a rebuild of existing engine makes sense.

I know it is a 3.8L V6. The owner has the FSM but I won’t be picking the car up until tomorrow. Also it is fwd which I beleive they started with this generation.

I will be doing the r&r. I’m getting the car for 1K.