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2000 Mitsubishi Montero Sport

Greetings community!

Well, to start off, I’m a complete newb when it comes to cars so bear with me.

As a result of my heat shield falling off, I took my suv to a Mitsubishi dealer to get it fixed. Well it turns out that my total repair bill inflated substantially after other problems surfaced.

Cattalytic Converter - $2567

Cam Bore and PCV Valve - $470

Spark Plugs - $365

Is this a reasonable quote for these repairs? Added in with other maintenance fees, the total bill came up to be $4000. At this point I might even consider taking advantage of the cash for clunker program and buy a new car.

Any suggestion and/or comments would be greatly appreciated.


Those are ridiculous prices. I’m sure that dealership would be thrilled to sell you a new car. That’s what they’re trying to scare you into doing.

What the heck is a “cam bore”.
Unless it’s leaking or MAYBE if the check engine light is on you don’t need a cat converter.
Is that price for solid gold spark plugs?

Go looking for an independent shop that specializes in Japanese imports. There’s little reason to take an out-of-warranty vehicle to the dealer.


Thanks for the quick reply. I was scanning the net for some prices and yes!!, those prices were seriously overpriced as you pointed out. I’ll follow your suggestion and go to an independent shop.

Thank you!