Head gasket replacement for 1998 Volvo S70

How hard is it to replace a head gasket in this car? I’ve done it for a 89 249DL,
but this car is way different.

Labor cost for changing the head gasket is around $1300.I have no experience with these cars either.

This is an estimate:
The average cost for a Volvo S70 Head Gasket Replacement is between $1210 and $1610. Labor costs are estimated between $1064 and $1455 while parts are priced between $146 and $155. Estimate does not include taxes and fees.

This is an estimate from driverside.com


Are you thinking of DIY? If so, one idea is to get a Haynes manual and read up on it. And take a close look under the hood - what parts need to be removed to get the head off, and how involved does that look?

At near 13 hours shown on the chart it definitely won’t be easy.

Not known is WHY the head gasket is faulty. If it blew due to severe overheating then one should really think this over before proceeding as severe overheating can glaze the cylinder walls, seize oil control rings, score cylinder walls, etc and lead to lowered compression and/or oil consumption.

Even with a blown head gasket a dry and wet compression test should be run before tearing it apart. That won’t tell you much on the breached cylinders but if a non-breached cylinder shows a problem then that would generally mean a major engine repair or replacement of the engine.

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