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Price of job

what the ballpark figure for replacing a head gasket on a 1992-mazda B2200 pickup.

Dripper , seriously you have been here long enough to have seen all the questions like this answered the same way. The only estimate that means anything is one you get yourself . Your area and the type of facility all make a difference in price.


For the 2.2 MFI engine the gasket is about $30, appx 7hours labor. A little more labor time if you have power steering an/or AC. So around $750-$1000 give or take

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$750 to $1000 seems awfully low. I routinely hear about people spending that much money just to have a timing belt and water pump changed. In fact, I have heard that on some cars, a timing belt job alone is well into the $1200 range.

Even if the head gasket itself costs $30, additional gaskets and seals would need to be replaced, such as the valve cover gasket, intake manifold gasket(s), exhaust manifold gasket(s), camshaft seal(s) and plug(s), etc. It would be normal to break or have to cut off some heater hoses and/or vacuum lines when removing the head, so those would need replacing too. Usually, the head bolts are designated for a single use only, though some people reuse them anyways. A new set costs about $50.

I would have estimated this job to be closer to $1500-1600, assuming you are using a reputable shop, and they are going to have the head checked for proper surface finish. Of course, I am not a professional mechanic, and I am not privy to the pricing and time guidelines for different procedures. I only work on my own vehicles, so I can take my time.

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This proves my point. George guesses at 750 to 1000 - Bcohen at 1500 to 1600 . Drippers location is unknown plus what else might be needed as Bcohen correctly points out.
Dripper just needs to do his own legwork.


It may help to understand how much a repair like this costs so money isn’t wasted towing the truck from one shop to another for estimates.

Between $700 and $1000 for labor, $300 to $500 for parts, if the cylinder head must be replaced add $900.


If the head is reused and I assume it’s a very miles engine then a valve job should be part of the job also along with surfacing of the cylinder head if it is warped.

Something else to consider. If the head gasket is gone because of severe overheating there’s the possibility of fried piston rings, scored pistons and cylinder walls, etc.
If engine coolant has diluted the motor oil the probability exists of the engine lower end being trashed as engine coolant is not a good lubricant at all for crank bearings, cam lobes, and so on.,

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Besides the gasket and new head bolts / studs, are there other parts that would need replacement? The head bolts for a chevy small block runs less than $75 at summit racing. A set of Beck/Arnley head bolts for my Corolla runs less than $30 at summit racing. I can’t think of any other parts, but maybe there area. Of course if machine shop time is needed, or the head is badly damaged & must be replaced, I expect the OP already know they’ll have to pony up extra for that.

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Yes head bolts, valve cover gasket, cam seals, coolant (we get $30 a gallon), oil, filter, radiator hoses, thermostat, etc.

No, people generally don’t expect to have to replace damaged cylinder heads. Look at so many treads here where people suggest that a head gasket may be leaking but do not warn that the reason the head gasket is leaking is because the cylinder head is warped.


Not saying some of those parts wouldn’t usually be replaced as part of a head gasket job.

But the following parts from that list could be re-used or just left in place if OP only wanted the head gasket replaced.

  • valve cover gasket
  • cam seals
  • coolant
  • oil
  • filter
  • radiator hoses
  • thermostat

OP is asking about the cost to replace the head gasket, not the thermostat. It’s easy to go from a head gasket job to deciding since everything is taken apart to then replacing the thermostat, replacing the water pump, timing belt, installing new performance camshafts, turbocharger ,etc … but that’s not what the OP asked about.

Please forgive me, George, but you are just too humorous



Always glad to add a little levity. I’ll add that I’ve removed the valve cover on both my Rabbit and Corolla many times for checking valve clearances, and then re-used the gasket during re-assembly with no problems. Not recommending the practice, just saying.

The need for radiator hoses depends depends on condition but gaskets, seals, thermostat, coolant and an oil change is part of the job. Asking to reuse these will result in the customer being rejected by a repair shop. Keep in mind that this is a 27 year old vehicle.

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Fair enough.

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