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Head Gasket at 80 K

I have an 04 Buik Rainier w/ under 80,000 miles. I belive it need’s a head gasket. Um finding that is loosing coolant, building pressure and it smell’s sweet at the exhoust. I have alway’s done regular maintainence and never would have thought of a head gasket going at 80,000 miles !

It has a 4.2 liter V6 Engine.

Has this beem a promblem with the GM 4.2 Liter ?

Do you think GM would warrenty such an item ?

Is there something I could try (except for stop leak) to try and see if it’s something else?



There was several years that Dexcool antifreeze was responsible for gaskets going bad on GM engines, especially intake manifold gaskets. I don’t know if your engine or year model was included in this but might be. By the way, I think your engine is an inline 6, (or a V8) I found this quote when I researched the 2004 Buick Ranier.
"But when not needing to tow, simply step on the pedal and you scoot from the light or up that steep incline without the V-8 needing to pause for a gulp of energy. Very alert.

So it’s peppier, too, even more so than the TrailBlazer and its 4.2-liter, 270-h.p. inline 6.

Head gaskets give up at far fewer miles than 80k and this is true of just about any vehicle out there.

In your case some more info would help.
Buy the Buick brand new?
Ever had an overheating spell with it?

It’s normally not a problem with these engines and if a head gasket has gone it’s possible that if you ask GM corporate for a “Good Will” warranty they might oblige.
You must be professional and polite in doing this.
If you did not buy the car new then you’re likely up the creek without a paddle.

If the leak is into the combustion chamber there is no miracle fix for this in spite of what you may hear. If the leak is external or leaking someplace internally other than the combustion chambers then it’s possible (coin flip) an additive may work. Personally, I don’t like additives nor do I trust them when it comes to a head gasket. JMHO and hope it helps.

Thanks for the reply

I did not buy this brand new, It sounds like I might be stuck with this promblem. I do agree that additive’s are not the answer to this promblem. I might have to trade in order to get rid of the vehicle.



You could verify if there’s a head gasket problem or not and weed out all doubt.
There are a number of methods used (preferably all of them since I don’t like doubt).

Compression test, cooling system pressure test, vacuum gauge, and a hydrocarbon test. The latter two are easier and could be done before considering the former two.


I have the list of the vehicles covered in the GM Class Action suit and your vehicle in NOT shown. Sorry.

I’m one of them who is trying to collect with my 2000 Olds Silhouette (3.4L V6).

Up here in Canada, April 30/09 is the deadline for claim submissions (with all documentation).

I must agree tests will confirm the problem. In the meantime (from what you said) I suspect a leaking head gasket too.

Are you sure it’s not the intake manifold?? GM has had MAJOR problems with them.

I will confirm by week’s end,

Thanks for the reply.