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Have to wait about an hour till my car starts and stays on

2005 Mazda Tribute V6 3.0L

Okey so the thing is, after I drive my car any distance, the car will not stay on when I try starting it again. Usually about an hour or so it will start and stay on.
Recently, it has actually gotten worse to the point where I have to be stepping on the gas when I start the car so it can stay on and I have to rev it a lot in order for it to stay on. If I do this way before the hour is up, it’s like the gas pedal doesn’t catch at all and the engine just dies on me.
Previously, I had the engine code P0171 which means it’s running lean.
So I changed:

  • MAF sensor
  • Throttle position sensor
  • spark plugs and wires
  • fuel filter
  • fuel pump

Since then the initial problem stopped but now this is the issue and I have 5 people baffled on it.
Can anyone shine a light on this please???

It sounds like a bad fuel injector.

Fuel injectors deliver gas to the appropriate cylinders. That’s Job #1. And when Job #1 isn’t getting done, your engine won’t receive its crucial combination of air and fuel. When the ratio of air and fuel in your engine is off, your motor may not generate the combustion it needs to operate.

It’s rare, but in some cases, fuel injector issues can lead to engine failure that prevents your car from starting. It’s also possible that your car won’t start because, um, you forgot to put gas in it. (It happens to all of us!) Unfortunately, running out of gas can also lead to fuel injector issues.

Sticking gas pedal were reported on this vehicule leading to problems getting the vehicule to accelerate. Check that out!

Who are these 5 people ? Have you actually had a shop do a diagnostic ( will not be free ) or just throwing parts at this problem ?

These 5 people used to work at car shops. I had one guy come over who currently works at a shop and he just wiped the computer of codes and told me to call him back when the check engine light comes back on which it hasn’t.

A bad crankshaft position sensor will cause what you’re describing.


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