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Have 2.7 mopar engine

what is your recommendation for oil type for this engine. I know sludge can be a problem. regular oil or syn oil

Sludge problem is more a factor in oil change frequency then type of oil. If your car is more prone to sludge, think about changing the oil, any API certified oil recomended for your car, at the recomended intervals for heavy use. But, if no problem occurs at the regular recomended intervals and you are driving it “normally” with regular highway use, breath easy and use the longer nterval. Worry only if your car is used for regular short runs only.

Use the recommended weight, I’d go with synthetic if you think it’s worth it. How long have you owned it? How many miles? It might make little difference by now.

This article says to change the oil every 3000 miles

Have you read the owner’s manual?

Yes I have read the manual and it said to change every 5 thousand miles. The problem is that Chrysler has a engine with a poor design and sludge has been a problem, even when changing oil on time. As for this engine, it has only 2 thousand miles on it, because it is a replacement engine. I just want to give this engine every chance to survive.

I’d go with full-synthetic oil. Mobil-1 has an excellent detergent package–on my old car, at over 200K miles, the valve cover gaskets were changed. The underside of the valve covers looked like a new engine. It had Mobil-1 most of its life. (3.5L engine) The only drawback of Mobil-1 is my vehicles use a little oil with Mobil-1. But I think it’s a good trade off for the excellent detergent properties in your case.

Given it is new I’d go with correct-weight synthetic every 5000.

Thank you all for your great advice! I decided to use mobil 1. Also to change it every 5000 miles. I will also keep an eye on oil useage.

Considering it’s a Mopar 2.7 V6, I’d be especially careful

Mobil 1 synthetic
Oil changes every 3000

The article in db4690s post tars all the 2.7-3.5 engines with the same brush. As far as I know the 3.5s had no problem with reasonable maintenance. It was the 2.7s that failed because of sludging, typically at 70-80k even when the oil was changed at 3000 miles. I have never even seen the 3.2, maybe they didn’t make many.

I can vouch for the 3.5 being a very good engine. Zero internal engine problems in over 260K miles on mine and uses very little oil.