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Haunted Jeep Wrangler

Strange thing happened yesterday - My husband was driving our 2003 Jeep Wrangler (I was in the passenger seat). We were at a stop light - we had completely stopped and my husband’s foot was still on the brake (I looked - the gas was free). Our engine started roaring - the RPM’s going up and we lurched forward and hit the car in front of us and then a second later the engine roared again and we hit the car a second time! It was like we were at Cedar Point on the bumper car ride!!! We would have hit the car a third time if my husband hadn’t put our Jeep in park. IS OUR CAR HAUNTED? (Oh - the temperature was 2 below 0 - maybe that has something to do with it?)


No, your car is not haunted.

Does this vehicle have a throttle cable or is the throttle electronically controlled?

Well, I’m not sure - it is a 2003 - I would think electronically - is there an easy way to tell which one I have?