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Hate to be a pest - on my own here

OK - feedback on this:
2001 Saturn SW 2 - 95821 mi., 3495.00

However, it’s at an “auto pawn”. What do you all think of pawn shop purchases, given an exam by my mechanic?

All I can tell you is my ex had two Saturns, and I know the first didn’t last (we got it while we were still married) and my kids tell me the second is a piece of junk.

But, if a good shop gives it a clean bill of health, the price is in line with Kelley Blue Book prices for “private sale”, and the pawn shop has clear title (check this part out carefully), than the fact that it’s at a pawn shop shouldn’t be a problem.

Sure seems expensive, Edmunds prices it out at $2,500 from a dealer, and ‘auto pawn’ is a big negative to me.

Yeah, that would make the price too high. I didn’t bother looking it up, because I figured I’d let the OP do that and get used to looking prices up.

The only thing about a pwnbroker that would gove me pause is that typically someone “pawns” something until they can get the money to retreive it, with a time limit to do so, and in this case there are title issues that could cause problems. But many pawn shops also buy items outright. I have no idea how “Auto Pawn” works.

If this car was offered at $3000, would you buy it?

My pawn broker, likes me because I pay cash. He gives me a good discount.
Pawn brokers love buyers even more than they like sellers.

I suspect that the OP is talking about one of those “title loan” places. They don’t use the word “pawn” or “pawnbroker” but it sounds like that kind of business. I understand that the customer only turns over the title, but gets to keep the car until they pay off the loan or the vehicle has to be repossessed.

I have had good luck with my Saturn, but I don’t think I would by any used car from one of these places. If someone has to pawn their car all the time, then I’d be concerned that they don’t have the money for basic maintenance.

I would walk and keep looking. Check CR for recommendations in that range.

I wouldn’t pay more than $2000 for it from this source. BTW, $2000 is a bit more than trade-in where I live. And have your mechanic check it.

BTW my cash purchases are recorded on the books. If your mechanic approves, and price is right, and your needs are met, then OK.

Cash in any large transaction speaks louder than a credit purchase. In your situation, a cash purchase may get you a big discount but a credit card purchase may gain you warrenty. You may want to check if you have towing on your auto insurance.

Our old 97Camry (belongs to son) is bigger than the Saturn. It still gets 32mpg. It looks like a beater but it is safe, well maintained, & 250Kmiles. Online searches indicates that a 97 will still get $3995.

You’re into the used car category where money matters more than ratings. Any car can fall apart but most of them don’t. It’s a GM car so at least parts and oil changes won’t cost a fortune. You should be OK buying it. You can’t keep looking forever and I know that by now you’re starting to feel like driving your next car. If you test drive it and it does nothing odd, you found your car.

Sounds way overpriced to me. Along with keith, I would suspect that someone who has pawned a car and never came back for it likely never had the money for maintance long before they ever pawned it.

For 3500 dollars, I would think some footwork and patience will find you a better deal.

I wouldn’t discount it because it is from a pawn shop. Pawn shops are highly regulated by the State, and they are highly visible, so the owner of the shop wants to be transparent and on the up and up at all times. Likewise, the pawn shop owner know better than most used car dealers probably all what is necessary for a legal auto title transfer.

So the pawn shop part of the equation isn’t important. Judge the deal by the car’s soundness and price compared to what else is available.

have you checked out They let you list a maximum price for used cars and will search for you.
here’s an example from my general area:

Auto Pawn is not the same as one of those shyster title loan places. They’re a whole 'nother breed of shyster. There are a couple of auto pawn shops in my area. They have to be registered with the state as used car dealers. Unlike the title loan outfits (which are not registered dealers) THEY keep the car and the already signed title until it’s paid for. They also don’t pay as much for the car, because the poor guy pawning the car THINKS he’s going to get it back. They don’t even pay “rough trade-in” value in most cases. They probably have less than $1500 in that Saturn, regardless of what they say.