SATURN SL1 fast idle can't pass NYS inspection

Hello my car is currently at the mechanic and I wanted to know what I can do in the future for this car or is it time to junk it. It has only 65 thousand miles and can’t pass inspection emissions standards. I know that after $450 worth or work on this car NY state will allow it to get an inspection sticker for 1 year, but I am wondering what should I do during that year, save up for a new engine or junk the car, also I’ll be paying the bank for it until June 2010.

I don’t know what the mechanic is doing for $450 but the problem is that you have a P0507 code and its due to the intake manifold gasket. They fail around the #1 cylinder because there are only 3 bolts around that port and there is no support under the gasket between #1 and #2 cylinders. I’ve gone through two so far.

The factory gasket isn’t stiff enough, the second time I used a felpro gasket and it seems to be working better.

You, or your mechanic can confirm what I’m saying by spraying a little carburetor cleaner or WD40 around the #1 port while the engine is running. The idle will change depending on what you use. It won’t change if you spray anywhere else, only where there is a leak.

Last time I checked, it was a $200 job at the dealer, but since you are in NY, it could be more. I did my own but it isn’t easy.

Forgot to add, I have just over 190k on mine, Two intake manifold gaskets and one rear wheel bearing are the only repairs it has ever needed. I do PM but not fanatic, use the oil change light to set my oil changes by, been know to go 500+ miles with the light on though. Uses 1 qt oil about every 2k miles now and still gets 38 mpg for my 100 mile daily commute.

Thank you so very much I wrote down everything and will tell him tommorrow. Hopefully I can get my car back soon as we live is rural area and this is my only car. Thanks again God Bless!