Harmonic Balancer 1990 corolla

I have a 1990 Toyota Corolla that had the pulley detach and it took all of the other belts out. I have called around to four different places and have five different answers (I called one place twice and have two different answers). Autozone looked it up in the computer and ordered the part for 149. when it arrived it was the wrong one. I called O’riely autoparts and was told the first time that my model car came with two different engines, 4AFE and 4AGE. one balancer is 92 and the other is 98 but they would not order until i told them which engine I have in my car. I called PepBoys and was told that the harmonic balancer is a dealer item. Icalled the dealer and was told it would be 273. I looked on the internet and only found one engine type listed for my car, A4FE. I called O’Riely Autoparts back up and was told this time that they do not show that part listed for the car and they would have to e-mail HQ for an answer. Why do I have different answers for the same part? Did the 1990 toyota corolla dx 4 door sedan have two different engines? Does anyone have a part number? Would you trust that part if it came from a used parts house, aka junk yard?

Sometimes getting a part from an auto parts recycler, aka junkyard, is the only way to get the proper part. Besides, you get to see the part and determine if it’s still in servicable condition. I wouldn’t hesitate in installing a used part. Besides, it’s cheaper.


Yes, there are definitely two different engines found in '90 Corollas. The model number for the engine is often found on the cam cover on a metal plate. Look around to see if you can find it.

Tester makes a good point about salvage yards. Take a look at www.car-part.com/

Your car should have the 4AFE engine. The 4AGE was used in the Corolla GTS.

Was the part you got at Autozone a Dorman 594-202? You needed a Dorman 594-182 (it’s $171).
Pioneer products also makes both balancers, and they are cheaper. You need part # DA28. It’s $121.99 at the 'Zone and $114.88 at Advance.

Used is okay, but on a Toyota balancer it will probably have a groove worn in it where the seal rides. You can use a sleeve-n-seal kit to repair it, or get a new seal from Toyota that has the “lip” set back to ride on a virgin area of the sealing surface…which is ok as long as the engine you get the used balancer from hasn’t had the seal changed, making TWO grooves…

I’d go with a new part on this application.

Thanks for the information. I hope to have the car back on the road this weekend.I guess I will go to advance. When the A/C controls went out, I felt OK getting that part from the junkyard, but that wouldn’t ruin the engine.

if the dealer is correct on the wheel ask them which engine is this for. then go to auto zone and order from them at discount price. if you where the car was first sold ask them to look up bill of sale it maybe on tis form. the engine label is under hood. also ask what the difference is is one bigger in size or does one a 4 grove or 6 groves for drive belt. may the hole for crank shaft is different. or the drift pin is different. maybe one has rubber insert and the other is solid metal . find the difference and look at your wheel. go to auto zone part webb site and see if two engines are installed. the factory might have near the end of the model year ran out 1990 engine and put in a 1991. it should be easy to find these things out.

http://www.autozone.com/N,15300665/shopping/partTypeResultSet.htm This is Auto Zone’s Web site. Click on it to see the three different harmonic balancers. Notice the weights of each one. They are 3.4 pounds, 3.7 pounds, and 4.7 pounds. Find an accurate weight scale, such as at the post office. Weigh your old harmonic balancer and compare to the weights given by Auto Zone. Go for the one which is of the same weight.