Hard to get to spark plug wires 2001 S10

I wanted to do my own tune up on my truck as I have most every car I have owned from Porsche to pickups. I have done all the service so far on this truck which included belt changes and spark plug changes. However, I wanted to change my plug wires and coil pack but after locating the coil pack would now like to punch the engineer in the face who decided where to put this item. Do they give ZERO consideration to repair or replacement access? Anyway, if anyone here has changed the coil pack and wires on a 01 S10 where the pack is located almost under the passengers foot well and can give me some helpful hints at how to get to it I would be forever appreciative. Thanks

Why change the coil packs if there’s nothing wrong with them?


I agree with TESTER. If there isn’t a problem, miss, or check engine light code which says, “misfire”, you don’t have to change the spark plugs wires and coil. Is there such a problem?

Well the service manual says to change the wires. Plus when I did the plugs at 65k one of the spark plug wire ends stayed on the plug. I went to re-connect it and there isn’t much at all there to connect to by way of a true wire it is more like a fiber type of center. Hence, I clamped the end down into the wire and stuck it back on but have never felt too good about it. I have driven 18k like that and seems okay. However, lately in the morning before it is warmed up it kind of stutters/hits/misses…sorta…like…dunt…dunt, dunt,dunt…dunt…then fine after it is warmed…

If you already know of a problem, it would be a good idea to start there. I guess you have a v-6 engine and the manual might give you some idea how much stuff needs removal for you to get to the coil.