Mechanic recommends changing all ignition coils on F150 with over 100k

I recently had an ignition coil go bad on my 2000 Ford 150 4x4. I took it to my family mechanic whom I deeply trust. They said this was a common problem with F150’s and since I have 105k on mine I should consider doing the 100K maintenance including replacing all the ignition coils and plugs to the tune of $700+. I could not afford it that week and just changed the one. But my wife usually drives this and I’ll be taking some long trips soon and towing a trailer and the thought of another coil going soon bothers me. Now that my refund is here I need to decide if I should invest in this preventative maintenance or other worthy items that poor children need. If I don’t do it now, I won’t have the beans to do the whole project later but it’s a huge investment for us.

I’m wondering if others agree that I can expect my other coils to start dying at any moment. Also, is it couth to buy the parts myself and have the mechanic just do the labor? Thanks for your advice!

Something you need to consider is this. Spark plugs that are left in an engine a long time can knock out coils. Spark plugs, on average, are gapped far wider than they used to be. This makes the coils work harder and combined with very slight misfires that occur (and which you will not notice) the coils may suffer a shorter life.

I disagree with the “leave spark plugs in for eternity, they’re platinum, iridium, yada, yada” and I believe they should be changed at about 40-50k mile intervals at the longest.
My opinion is that you should not change the coils unless they’re bad though but the vehicle is long overdue for plugs if that has not been done. JMHO anyway and hope it helps.

Usually ignition coils are NOT part of a normal tuneup. I only replace one when they are bad. Plugs are good idea though.

Does Ford have a problem with faulty coils?? If so then it might be a good idea. If Ford is having problems with their coils then replace with good aftermarket coils instead of OEM.