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Hard time braking when making sharp turn

Wasn’t sure if this is the place for this, just looking for advice or ideas on my issue. When turning right, it seems as if my brakes don’t want to work. There is somewhat of a grinding sound and what I can only describe as a “shutter” from the pedal. They work great going straight or turning left. I should also mention that the steering locks up when turning sharply, haven’t noticed if it’s only when turning a certain way. This happens mostly when backing up. Also, the ABS light is on occasionally. I drive a '96 GMC Suburban. Thanks in advance for any suggestions or ideas.

  1. have your brakes checked.
  2. have your brakes checked
  3. have your suspension/steering system checked (ball joints, tie rod ends, that stuff).
  4. have the fault codes read. They’ll be chassis codes (“C” formats).

Sounds like maybe your ABS is activating on a hard right turn, usually caused by a bad ABS sensor or connection.

Should I have my brakes checked? :slight_smile:

I realize I need to have them checked, just looking for advice as I am fairly ignorant about vehicle mechanics and would like to sound like I know a little about it so I don’t get bamboozled.

If you find an honest, qualified mechanic there is no need to know anything technical about the vehicle. It would be advisable to “get the brakes checked” ASAP. Several possible causes could be indications of catastrophic failure.

My ‘shoot from the hip guess’ is the right wheel hub bearing is about to go.

Check “Mechanics Files” link above for someone in your area.

And ask friends, co-workers, fellow church goers, whoever you have a trusted personal relationship with, which shop they use. Then tell the shop you select who it was that recommended you to them. Gives you some clout.

This is definitely something that needs attention with due speed as it represents a safety issue. From the symptoms you describe there’s a good chance the fix won’t be overly expensive. Might be you need a new wheel speed sensor and some kind of bushing or another replaced is all.

I concur with the advice above to not attempt to tell the shop tech what part of the car you think is faulty. Just explain the symptoms you are observing. If you feel a little intimidated when talking to shop techs, no worries, just type out a brief one paragraph description of the symptoms in as clear of language as you can, and bring it with you. Leave the paper with the car so they can look at it if they have questions while they are doing the diagnosis.

The reason to not tell the tech what part is wrong, is that if you do that, the tech may simply replace that part. And since you are not an experienced mechanic, that may well not be what’s wrong at all. But you’ll have to pay for it being replaced anyway, and the problem will remain unsolved. So let the tech do his job, and you tell him/her just the symptoms.

At 19 years of age with ??? miles it could be that more than one problem exists involving both brakes and suspension along with possible wheel bearing problems.

Do not be surprised or shocked if the tally on repairs starts to add up. Hopefully the steering wheel locking up, or hanging, is not being caused by a bad ball joint. Those can be hazardous to your health.