Brake and turning noise

Hi everyone, I recently changed the half shafts and complete knuckle on our suv. After doing the driver side the brake makes a noise when almost stopped. Also notices if I do a really sharp circle turn with foot on the break there is a rattle and I can feel in the pedal. Any ideas?

Yes, why don’t you tell us more about your SUV than “our suv” and we’ll see if we can help.

It’s a Mazda 2002 tribute. The LX v6.

It also does not happen at every stop. At the end of the stop the pedal seems to travel a bit more

Thank you!

In other words, a re-badged Ford Escape?

Yeah, same line. My thought was the lower control arm but when I lift up on the wheel while on jacks there is no movement at the ball joint

Could the abs be acting up at that low speed? It almost feels like that with the brake pedal

I am thinking it may be an ABS problem as well. Do you get a flashing ABS dash light when this happens? Have you gone to a nice empty parking lot to do an ABS stop so you can compare how it feels with your issue?

The complete knuckle, did you get it from Ford? If not and it really is triggering the ABS, I’d say the one you bought varies just enough from the Ford part to trigger the ABS. Has the opposite side ever been replaced?

I bought moog knuckles. The abs light never comes on. It would be nice if I could turn off the abs. I was also wonder if the caliper could be an issue.

You can turn off the ABS. Pull its fuse. That would be another way to determine if it is an ABS issue or not

Yes thank you I pulled the fuse and that did it. Either a sensor issue or more likely a defective knuckle. Thanks for the help!

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I wanted to give an update. I noticed there was some anti seize on the half shaft and after cleaning that all off the issue was resolved. (For now) Not sure if it’s coincidence or that was the issue. I have seen where copper anti seize can cause an issue with abs, the one I use is the aluminum.

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