2000 Ford Escort Starting Problem

I have a 2000 Ford Escort (the plain one with the small engine, not the zx-2) and if i leave my car sitting for 2 hours or more she turns over but wont start, however when i turn the key half way 2 times, enough to hear the fuel pump hum she fires up faithfully after that. somone said something about a priming fuel let down sensor, is there such a thing, where is it and can i fix it myself? Thanks

Sounds like it could be the check valve in the in-tank fuel pump.

I have no idea what a “priming fuel let down sensor” is - and there’s a lot I don’t know but I’m pretty sure this time I haven’t heard of it b/c it doesn’t exist.

I would guess along with tardis that it is the fuel pump check valve. I’d probably keep priming it up with the key.