Hard starting hot

2003 Dodge Dakota 4x4 4.7 130k miles.

after market modes are

Gibson Shorty headers and magnaflow cat back system.

history: oil changed every 4-6k all differential fluids changed at or around 45-50k miles… front and rear axles, trans. never have we found any excessive debris/filings in any of the fluid dumps,

truck will not restart after 11 mile drive or longer. this engine has been over heated twice it still has a tendency to push antifreeze out to recovery bottle, cap has been tested to 22lbs multiple times and passed, no leaks or wet spots to be found anywhere in till the recovery bottle blows antifreeze all over. I have done 2 types of test to see if I have a head gasket leaking both tests did not find a combustion to coolant leak or vise versa… low, medium or high pressure.

test 1. a after market dye type that has a blue die in it that turns yellow if in contact with exhaust gasses.

test 2. the Dodge service Manuel test

truck runs great until its to be restarted hot, it will crank set a code for over cranking, key on key off multiple times has no effect on a quick restart when it decides to start and a drive off it feel like I’m hitting the rev limiter at 1500-2500 rpms in 2 and 3rd gear, the truck will not gain RPM unless I back off the accelerator and feather in to it again. the check engine light will flash until the truck has been shut down and cooled, sometimes the check engine light will stay out other times it will store a multi cyl misfire, the truck has thrown codes in the past for multiple cyl. misfires, small Evaporator leak (gas cap) and over cranking. temp gauge on dash reads (always) to the left of center and only goes over to the right when its ready to over heat, scan tool shows a 117 degree engine temp rock steady. just last night it stalled in gear at 45-50 mph, it sounded like it was back firing but with out the loud bang. it regained power on its own but only for a few minutes. it took 5-6 extended cranks to get it started. key on key off several times has no effect.

items replaced it recent past:

fuel control module

thermostat and gasket

radiator cap 22psi

water pump

spark plugs: Platinum +4 Bosch

2 coils #6 and #8 cyl

I’m at my wits end and feel I’m over looking something simple.

It overheated twice, what is going on with the compression? Check it hot.

if I can get it back to where all my tools are i will check…ty