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Hard starting after sitting more than 30min

OK so my 2003 Nissan maxima is hard to start all the time after its been sitting for a few minutes like 30min or more also I’m getting a CEL light hope you guys see the video and give me any suggestions

Take it to an auto parts chain store that will read the CEL codes for free. Write the codes down in “P0123” format and post back.

Definitely start with the codes.

The hard starting is probably going to end up being something becoming heat soaked. When you shut the car down the cooling air stops flowing by and the coolant stops flowing through the engine taking heat away. All of the engine’s internal heat radiates out the top and sides (remember that the engine is hotter than 200F and the areas around the cylinders are much hotter) and the underhood temperature rises. If something is becoming heat sensitive with age, that’s when it’ll start to show up.

If you’ll describe exactly what happens when you try to start the car after sitting, we might be able to suggest what might be becoming heat sensitive.

I don’t think it is a hot soak thing, OP states after car has sat for 30 min. or more and the temp gauge reading cold. I’m thinking get the codes read and also maybe fuel pressure leaking down.

Or leaking injectors?

Well I have a CEL code reader and earser and have been trying to troubleshooting the problem for weeks so it all started when I bought the car 3 weeks ago I bought it with a p 0300 which is a random misfireI looked under the good and saw that there was a performance air filter install I assume they didn’t do it correctly so I buy an air box from a 2000 nissan maxima from the junk yard and the misfire got that better but it still misfires and i still am giving a problem with starting then I tried going to the mechanic and he told me to possibly be the coils or the spark plug but the spark plug and coils were replace in february by previous owner I bought NGK spark plugs and a coil because I was getting a p0304 more and have replaced the camshaft sensors and the crankshaft sensors and coolant temperature sensor could it be that the misfireing is causing it and also when I start it its not easy like in the video sometimes worse but every time I start it after a like an 1 hr I get I strong smell of gas from the exhaust pipe and I still have a misfire problem also when pulled out the spark plugs when I bought the car they were fine nice and white now they are sooty black when I replaced them

The current code I have is a p0304 which is cylinder 4 misfire I have replaced the coil and spark plug with high quality NGK platinum

Strong gas smell, misfire, and sooty plugs all suggest too much gas is getting into the cylinders, either from leaking fuel injectors or possibly fuel pressure regulator isn’t working right and fuel pressure is too high. Have you had the fuel pressure checked?

I wish my car had a screw on valve to check but it doesn’t so how I check the fuel pressure

you need somebody with a fuel pressure test kit. He’ll use adapters and tee into the system to get the fuel pressure readings. It’s a little more work, but many cars don’t have test ports

OK I’ll bring too him so he can check let’s say its off what could should I replace

Sooty plugs and fuel smell out of the tail pipe. It’s sounding more and more like a leaking injector(s). Which could possibly explain the hard start. 1) slight folding and 2) low fuel pressure, at start up. Just my 2 cents worth.

Here’s some basic info if interested on checking fuel pressure