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Hard start

Easy one . . . '93 Civic 1.5 manual starts first crank when cold but has trouble starting if you shut it off within 5-10 minutes of initial start. Just cranks and cranks, no start. Wait a half hour, starts right up. Warm start no problem, just that first 5 minutes after initial start. Gonna check it out today . . . first chance I’ve had to look at it. Suggestions? No other problems, drives and runs well, no stumble, good idle, mpg hasn’t changed, just this annoying issue. Rocketman

I would change out the main fuel relay and see if it makes a difference. The relay is fairly inexpensive and tends to fail a lot on these Hondas. If the relay fails (usually intermittently) the engine will just crank and crank with no start. Sound familiar?

+1 with missileman
There are instructions out there on actually repairing them. It usually consists of a bit of simple soldering.

It could also be a leaky fuel injector, bleeding into the cylinder, flooding the engine. Make sure your fuel pressure isn’t too high.