Civc starting demon

Hi, in my 1991 Honda Civic with the 1.5 liter engine if I stop for shorter than 7-10 minutes, it won’t start up again. Unless the required time is waited.

What is?

What do you mean by ‘won’t start’? Will the starter not turn the engine, or will the starter turn, but the engine will not catch?

A very common reason here->

The Main Relay fails, mostly, in the summer. When the Main Relay goes out, it cuts fuel and spark. If the spark producing parts (mostly, inside the distributor) go out, there will still be fuel.
Listen carefully for the hum of the fuel pump to run for two seconds after the ignition key is turned ON (II). If there is already fuel pressure, there may be, only, a thump from the fuel pump.
To double check for a fuel supply, or injection, problem, pull a rubber hose off the large, black, intake tube on top of the engine. Spray a two second shot of Starter Fluid (or, the like, from the auto parts store) into the large intake tube. Start the engine. If it starts and runs, and dies, there is a fuel problem. If it doesn’t start, for even a second, there is a spark problem.

Thanks for these articles and the advice. Sounds like whats been happening.