1992 honda civic hatchback SI

My car won’t start when the temp reaches around 90 degrees. Will start the first time, but not five minutes later. I learned to push it to shade to start it, or just wait awhile. A mechanic said he remembers that the main relay located under the dash would go on the fritz in hot weather. I am laid off; the part costs around 80.00 dollars. Should I take a chance and replace the relay? Any other possibilities? I can’t afford a mechanic right now but do most repairs myself anyway. thanks for any input. carol

Your mechanic is correct. A faulty Main Fuel Pump Relay is often the cause of starting difficulties with older Honda vehicles. The relay is under the dashboard, and is affected by the heat of the interior. When you park in the sun, and your interior gets hot, the relay will malfunction and not allow the fuel pump to work.

No fuel, no start.

A new relay usually solves this problem, assuming, of course, that all other maintenance items are up to date.

This is a pretty common problem on Hondas of that vintage. I’d replace it.