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Hard start van

My van starts hard and I really need help. When I turn on the key I don’t have fuel pressure. It is hard to start but when it starts I then have fuel pressure. Weak pump? Any suggestions? Thanks much.
I changed the Fuel relay, fuel pump 1 year ago and the fuel filter 2 months ago.
3.8 L V6 engine
270000 miles
2001 Ford Windstar

What year - engine - mileage ?

3.8 L V6 engine
270000 miles
year 2001
I changed the Fuel relay, fuel pump 1 year ago and the fuel filter 2 months ago.

Try cycling the key from off to the run position half a dozen times, waiting a few seconds in the run position each time. If it fires right up its the anti drainback device for the fuel.

Okay I will try that and see what happens. What is the anti drain back device? Is it located in the fuel pump?

Im not sure where it is located on this vehicle, but it keeps pressure in the lines so you have fuel pressure right away when you turn the key. I believe most are in the fuel pump assembly.

do you think the fuel pressure regulator could have anything to do with it?

Did you replace the fuel filter when you replaced the fuel pump? or did you wait until 10 months later?

Did you yet?
The more clues we have, the better we can answer questions.

An injector that sticks open can also cause a no fuel pressure condition. Need to know if the pump runs and no pressure.

I still don’t know what kind of van he has, is it a 3.8 Ford product Or a Chrysler product 3.8?

I didn’t replace the filter until later when this issue started.

It is a 2001 Ford Windstar.

I haven’t been able to try that yet. I will try and post back soon.

The pump runs when the key is turned on and when I get it to start it runs fine. When I shut it off for 10-15 minutes it starts hard again.

Well if the pump runs and you have normal pressure when it starts, I’d suspect either that anti drain back device or an injector sticking open. If you put your pressure tester on it, and operate the key, you can see when pressure builds or not. How to tell the difference I’m not sure. Might want to try some injector cleaner before tackling the pump again where I believe the valve is. One thing though when I had a sticky injector, the dealer actually had to use that direct cleaner kit to clear it up. I don’t believe the regulator would cause this issue but you can look and see if there is fuel in the vacuum area to verify its ok. Its pretty simple device. Just my two cents pending comments from a real mechanic.

Okay I tried the cycling idea and it started. Maybe the pump needs changed again.

Replace the anti drain back device and that should fix the issue, but I personally would just deal with turning the key a few times until the next convenient time to fix something like that.

Thanks for the info. Can you tell me if the device is part of the pump?