Hard start after refueling

My VW Touareg is difficult to start after refueling. The computer said my gas cap is not tight. The gas cap is tight. Do I need a new gas cap?

Did you NOT turn off the engine while you were refueling? Don’t laugh. I’ve seen idiots…er…er…I mean, citizens… do this who were totally oblivious …er…I mean, unawares… of their error, do this!
Turn your gas cap until it clicks a few times when you tighten it. It will take several car trips for your engine computer to run the gas cap test again. So, you won’t know if tightening the gas cap did the trick until then; or, unless, you have an auto parts store read the code and erase it. After they have read the code, bring the codes here for cussing and discussion.

The refueling and difficulty in restarting are merely coincidental. Have you tried to restart a hot engine somewhere else? Describe what happens when you try to restart.