Hard shifting

My car is shifting hard especially into 2nd gear, it acts like it doesn’t want to go into gear. There is some problems in the other gears as well but 2nd is the worst. It is a 2001 with 151,000 miles automatic 4 cylinder. I recently had the transmission fluid and filter changed hoping to fix the problem but it is getting worse.

You had the fluid and filter changed in the transmission at 150K miles, what is the maintenance history for the transmission prior to 150K?

Picking up on Uncle Turbo’s post, if the transmission fluid and filter were not changed at 30k, 60k, 90k, and 120k, this is right around the point at which the transmission could be expected to fail.

All too often, people fail to maintain their transmission, and then, when it starts acting up, they try a Hail Mary Pass Fluid Change which almost always comes right before total transmission failure.

In summary, if this transmission service is the first one that has been done for…many tens of thousands of miles…this fluid and filter change will not save you from an overhaul.


I agree with the other posters about regular services. Automatics need it every 25-30k miles. To throw something else in here, have you had the computer scanned for codes?? If not, I would do it…