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Hard shifting, Transmission, or throttle?

I got a 99 Ford Taurus 3.0l. When started, no matter what the weather, it idles around 1200rpm. Then drops to 1000, and after a long time around 600. At the 1000rpm, if put into gear, she learches and pulls against the brakes. If I release the brakes, and not touch the throttle, the car is still given enough fuel to slowly increase speed, and shift threw the gears.

Now, once it’s at operating temps, she’s fine… until I try to speed up after taking a corner, or trying to pass someone.

When I take a corner, I can slow down normally, tho it sometimes feels like the motor doesn’t want to slow down, go around, then when I throttle back up to speed, it hesitates like it lost what gear it should be in, then jerks the car with a hard shift. Same with passing. at any land speed, or rpm, if I throttle harder she jerks and hard shifts in to over drive.

Then on top of that, sometimes when stopping, again, it feels as the the motor doesn’t want to slow. I’ve found a lot of brake ware due to that.

I’m wondering if it’s the transmission, throttle, or a sensor.

PLEEEEEASE some one answer me back, thanks

Also, I forgot to mention, when we got it, we used the lowest grade fuel and had the same problems, then used cleaners and and highest grade, and that seemed to help out some. Now back to high prices and low grade fuel, it’s back… maybe worse. I got it with 96000 miles, and now at 105500.