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Hard shifting into first gear after wire damage from a squirrel

Our 93 Ford F150 with <100,000 miles had no transmission problems until a squirrel built a nest in it and chewed through some of the wires. It wouldn’t start and what a surprise when we lifted the hood. It chewed through the EEC Test wires which have been reattached, through the cruise control wires (all but two have been reattached. The remaining two are chewed to the box and can’t be attached), two other wires next to these that were reconnected and chewed completely off is a part #E53B-14A624-0 with the stubs of two red wires. The E53B was lying under the truck. After reattaching the wires listed it started but now lugs along and shifts hard into first gear. After that it’s OK most of the time but it has surged unexpectedly when making a turn. I’ve been told the cruise doesn’t need to be rewired completely so don’t know if it’s the problem (can the cruise be left with two wires cut off) or if it’s the E53B part or something else we can’t see. Any ideas?

Is this an automatic or a manual transmission truck?


Not sure how different this is from the 89 model, however I replaced the entire rear harness on a bronco 4x4 (based on the 150, right?) in about 2 hours. Parts were from a yard for $25. It really was pretty easy, both to rip the harness out of a wreck, and install in in mine.

I know this only partly helps, and I didn’t do the whole engine, but there should be some connection point you can use to get a partial harness from.


It’s an automatic. It also doesn’t look like it damaged the wire harnesses. The nest was resting on these and it chewed the wires above which were the cruise and EEC test ones mostly. We can’t see where part #E53B-14A624-0 was chewed off. The Ford dealer shows no listing for the part and was of no help. I’d like to know what that part does-obviously I’m hoping it’s going to solve the problem. Thanks for your interest.