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Electric Exhaust Wiring Problem

I tried wiring my truck with this electric exhaust. Everything was fine I started it twice, grounded the negative wire to and existing ground cable. Hooked up the positive to the battery but saw that hooking it to the fuse that controls the radio was better. Then when I try starting the truck again it get stuck cranking but wont start. I checked the fuse box and all the loose wires that I zip tied and none seemed to be touching one another. I would appreciate all the help. It was working fine before I zip tied the wires together.

Are we talking about an electric muffler bypass system? If so just take it off and your problem is solved.

Yea the exhaust cut out. I removed all the wires and it still does the same thing. I’m guessing it is the starter? I have no clue?

My suggestion is to bring it to a shop that specializes in automotive electrics and let them diagnose and fix it. I seriously doubt that it’d the starter. My money is on your wiring. You either directed a necessary circuit somewhere it doesn’t belong or you’ve married two cracked insulation areas together with a zip tie. By the way, what do you mean by “loose wires”?

You do realize these electric motor exhaust cut-outs draw a lot of current?

Go back to each circuit you connected this system to, and see if you fried something.

Since you don’t provide the year of the vehicle, I can’t look up the circuits that may have been effected when you hooked this system up.


So the truck is a 2008 f150 with the 4.6, I checked the fuel pump fuse and it was blown. I replaced it with a new one. Judging by the sound the truck makes its probably the gas pump. Ohh, and by loose wires I meant the excess wire that was loose once all the wiring through the firewall was done. Haha and I wish I could take it to a shop but there aren’t many tow trucks available where I’m at.

Um… I could be wrong, but… I can’t envision how there could be a spare wire after the job’s done that wasn’t there when the job was started… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Are you working with a schematic and a wiring diagram?

Haha not at all. I meant I had to get longer positive and negative wire for the cut out and when I ran some of them through the firewall, they were hanging close to the fan and transmission so I had to zip tie them together.