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Hard ride on 2007 Acura TL

The ride on my 2007 Acura TL is too hard and it bangs over bumps. Does anyone majke a softer or adjustable shock for this car? It has been suggested that I change therimms from 17 inch to 16 inch and get larger diameter tires. However, I’m told that this would only make a minor difference in the ride but that different shocks are the answer. I’ver tried to ge a list of softer or adjustable shocks but haven’t been able to find any. Please email me product and model # suggestions.

Thank you.


Replacing the shocks won’t make much of a difference, either, since they don’t actually support the vehicle. The springs are what makes the ride hard or soft. I believe the only solution is to trade the TL for another, softer-riding car.

I have to ask, why did you buy this vehicle if you don’t like the ride?