Hair drying

Teresa can find hairdryers that plug into the accessory outlet in the car on Amazon or, or whatever online shopping search. Lookup 12V Hair Dryer. She would probably be more comfortable with that than a window defroster, which would heat up the whole car.

That said, isn’t there another section here about Distracted Driving?

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Yeah…and there are “bonnet” style hair dryers that she could wear and dry at the same time with minimal distraction (I think!)…much better than trying to use a hand held dryer while driving!

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Anybody looking for just an accessory fan can find one at the truck stops. There’s a good one in Yakima, WA. There are fans that plug into the 12 volt plug, and can be very powerful, with multi-speed control. One that I’m thinking of (“The Turbo”) has a strong spring- clip to clasp onto something in car’s interior

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I would have to second the bonnet style hair dryers. They look like a shower cap with a hose coming out of it that attaches to a little suitcase that heats and blows the air. Since the car’s heater system can supply the hot air, you could just duct tape the hose to the vent. (or make a removable adapter like on a shop vac hose) You control where the hot air goes, and both hands stay on the wheel.

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why do they NEED a hair dryer that plugs into their vehicle? If you NEED something like this, you NEED to get up 10 minutes earlier than you do now

I can’t believe that you told Teresa to go out and buy something when the problem can be solved with common household products. Just duct tape some dryer vent hose to the dash over a vent that isn’t blowing on the front of her head, then duct tape the other end to the headrest. Problem solved! Any solution that involves duct tape must be a good solution!

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The last time I saw a bonnet hair dryer was on Laverne and Shirley. Many years ago!

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10 years ago my dad and I (both engineers) were having fun coming up with intentionally stupid and ridiculous inventions. His best was the Ram Air Hairdryer car accessory. It had a body that would fit in the window and be held in place by rolling the window up to it. It had a scoop outside the car, a heating element w/ a cord to the 12VDC outlet, and a semi rigid hose that could be positioned around your head and stay place.

I gotta go tell him he’s got to make it now. He’s retired at this point so he has the time to tinker. Should have a prototype in a week…

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You made me laugh. Over the years I’ve come up with countless stupid and rediculous inventions…then some years later seen them advertised on TV, with someone probably getting rich off of them.

Tell Teresa to step into the 21st century and get a new hairstyle. Who uses rollers?

What else goes with pink slippers and a pink bathrobe?

A droptop would work. She could dry her hair by just putting the top down.

Wonder what they?re going to invent next?a gas pedal that gives a foot massage too? :slight_smile:

If you make it I will buy it LOL I imagine a simple shower head, or diffuser if you like, that can be velcro’d to the ceiling to force air onto the top of my head. Seriously though, I’ve been thinking about this for a long time! LOL I don’t need to style it - just have it blow on my head. A 12V air pump won’t work because its not warm or diffused (so… thought of that as well) but if i could get the air into a cap… Have him make it and sell it on ETSY.

Jeff only made one post 10 years ago so I doubt if he will see your post .