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Haillie Deegan and the R word

They still around?

They’ve been gone for more than 20 years, as I recall.

I should clarify that the one I was talking to was an employee and we were discussing banking careers, not bank ownership. In South Dakota I was also talking with a couple greedy big city lawyers that were busy buying up little banks in the state, not for the health of the communities they served. Needed a shower after that one.

Thanks for the clarification, @bing. There are too many people like that everywhere, not just the big city.

They became HSBC bank, then pulled completely out of Western NY quite a while ago, Came back very quietly with, I think 2 or 3 business branches and now I hear they are thinking of exiting the US altogether.

At one time they has more branches in Western NY that any other bank. That is why I had an account there when I was a local pickup and delivery driver. I might go anyplace within 50 miles of buffalo and no matter where I went, I could cash my paycheck.

I caught the Casablanca reference…