Honest car advice , no bull*&@

The Forum rules say no profanity and that is good . But the heading for this thread is what is on the CarTalk.com main page . I think it should read NOT Bogus , as that was a main phrase on the show.

I really do believe that heading will invite people to use profanity which seems to have happened more here on the Community lately.


I never use profound language. Tis noble of me.

I’m inclined to agree. The site itself shouldn’t disobey its own rules.

When I see that term, it makes me think of buffaloes not cattle, and think back to those poor Midwest pioneers of years gone by that never let anything go to waste.

Oh well, when I was a young lad, always watched Mr. Ed ( brought to you by Studebaker), Mr. Ed would often say “horse feathers”, we know that was a euphemism for “”bull*&@“.

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