Is it me? or is this the best sounding motor youve heard in a long time?

Very cool, but it’s an engine. (-;

i know, i get my terms mixed up alot

Just teasing, is it yours?

no, i tryed to buy one once, but it was like 5k

Wow, I thought it was full size when I first heard it run. That looks like an expensive hobby.

it would be very fun to do though, though probably not much funner than building full size ones, ill make a video of mine when me and my dad get to work on it, were putting a 454 in an old chevy

And, did you see that V8 powered chainsaw? You could do some yard clean up with that!

Attach it to a chain saw. That would be cool as hell. Oops, someone beat me to the punch as I was posting. Oh well. There are Harley V-Twin customized chainsaws and I heard of a small block Chevy chain saw so hellokit’s statement could be right. (Small block Chevy- it boggles my mind…)

That stuff is fascinating to me.
How about this one? A model Gnome rotary engine similar to the real ones used on WWI aircraft.

For those who don’t know, the crankshaft was stationary and the entire engine rotated around the crank. The engines ran at full throttle all the time and due to the heavy mass rotating the pilot had to keep blipping the throttle all the time.
If you’ve seen the WWI aircraft with the big half-shell over the top of the engine, that shell was used to catch oil and grease being thrown outwards by the engine rotation.

here you go

That’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.

I seen that awhile back. What would really impress me is if someone took the engine out of a viper, lambo or even the new Veyron and hooked to one of those chainsaws. :stuck_out_tongue:
my engine sounds better than yours :stuck_out_tongue:

this is so weird guys, ive never heard a decent sounding v6(or a 4 cylinder),but this one sounds great!

Is this the one where the fuel went right through a channel in the crankshaft?

The 3.8s sound pretty nice when done right. I think my Tbird’s 3.8 sounds better than that, actually…

post it! my brothers turbocharged 3.9 doesnt sound good at all

What does he have a turbocharged 3.9 in? I will see if I have a recording of my car somewhere.

its his 04 mustang

Maybe Craig Breedlove could come out of retirement and build a jet powered chainsaw. Paul Bunyan could operate it.