Gurgling Focus

My 2000 ford focus has been gurgling in the front left side of the car for some time. my mechanic has had it twice for this repair and says it is just low antifreeze but the gurgling remains. any thoughts as to what it could be? just the sounds of an aging car?
thanks for any advice given!

Gurgling usually means air or other gasses are trapped somewhere. This can often be the case for old PEOPLE, but with cars it need not happen at any mileage or age.

Low antifreeze can cause gurgling and it needs to be topped up carefully if extremely low, with the air bled out.

If your mechanic does not know how to get the air out of a cooling system , you should go elsewhere. Go to a shop that specializes in cooling system service.

+1 for @Docnick. You nailed it.

thank you so much!! : )