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2003 PT Cruiser - Not Turbo engine

In the past 12 months we have had intermittent gurgling. Here is everything we have done so far: New radiator cap, new thermostat, bled the coolant system, new radiator, found oil level rising and turning funny color because the coolant was seeping into oil, had engine replaced with new engine. Still have gurgling. Does anyone know the secret to what is causing the gurgling and how to stop it?

I see oil level rising and a funny color as a head gasket leak. Not cheap, but replace the antifreeze, oil, and head gaskets, after verification by a competent mechanic of course!

Waterboy, I Read It As The Gurgling Sound Is The Only Symptom Remaining When Owner Stated, " . . . had engine replaced with new engine. Still have gurgling. "


I’ll bet you have air in the heater core. This air must be purged out to stop the gurgling. For my Supra, the technique for the DIYer is to raise the front end of the car as high as you can and run the engine until it cycles the coolant flow through the radiator a couple of times. The heater core is normally higher than the engine or radiator by just inches, but doing this raises the radiator higher to give the trapped air a place to go.