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Bubbling, or gurgling sound drivers side

My car is making a weird bubbling type sound whenever I turn ? I have no idea what it could be any ideas? Thanks

Could be your mother in law running out of air in the trunk…
or, like 99.997% of engine compartment gurgling sounds, it could be air in the cooling system.

Before driving it any further, you may want to check out your coolant level… in the radiator and not the reservoir. Do it when the car is cold. If it’s low, and my bet is that it will be, fill it, run the engine, and fill it again as the system purges. Look carefully for any leak residue while you’re under the hood. Unless you’re technically capable of testing the system yourself and repairing it, you may want to get it to a reputable shop ASAP. A cooling leak addressed immediately can cost you a radiator. One left unaddressed can cost you an engine… in addition to a radiator.

Post what your shop finds. If you hope to fix it yourself, tell us and we’ll try to walk you through the steps.

Another idea, some posters here have said they are hearing the sound of water sloshing around when turning. That is often caused by rain water getting into the doors (which is a normal thing) and accumulating there (which is not normal) b/c the drains at the bottom of the door are clogged. Likewise rain water can find itself into the trunk area sometimes, often where the spare tire is stored.