Guess How Large The Auto Heat Shield Industry Is

Here at the Community, one commonly asked question is; “Do I need to replace my heat shield?” The answer is always, “Yes!” Today, in a daily press release service I subscribe to there was a story about the size of the automotive heat shield industry. Here are some points from that:

  • The Global Auto heat shield industry is expected to grow from USD 16.1 billion in 2019 to USD 19.8 billion by 2027, at a CAGR of 2.6%
  • The growth of the global Automotive Heat Shield Market size is driven by the increasing vehicle production, rising demand for light & heavy commercial vehicles, and growing adoption of electrical & electronic components in vehicles and turbochargers in passenger cars.
  • The passenger car segment is expected to be the largest market in the automotive heat shield industry during the forecast period.
  • Rising vehicle production, increasing demand for luxury vehicles, growing sales of hybrid & electric cars, and technological development are driving the Automotive Heat Shield Market…
  • The double-shell heat shield is the largest market for automotive heat shields because of the increased vehicle production globally. Double-shell heat shields are designed to tolerate low to medium temperatures. Also, aluminum sheets of 0.3 - 1.0 mm thickness are utilized for double-shell technology. These are offered as exhaust manifold heat shields, catalytic converter heat shields, turbocharger heat shields, and starter motor heat shields


That’s interesting. It solves a mystery that has puzzled me for years…

I’m guessing that the Tappet Brothers were aware of this and invested heavily in heat shield stock.

When folks called in with various car questions they often suggested “heat shield” as the answer, although it sometimes didn’t make sense!
Now I know why! :smirk:

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It’s not to late to jump onto the heat shield pyramid scheme if you’re interested… We can set you up with your own distributorship! You just have to buy $193,452 worth of inventory. You can set up distributors of your own in your area. It will move fast, so don’t wait!


Aha! So, you’re in on it, too! :grimacing:
No thanks, I’ve got my money invested in Florida swamp land. :laughing:

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I’m a Silver-star level member, You can be Bronze! Hey, it’s hot in Florida. You should get a new heat shield. I have a new double-shell model designed specifically for swamps!


What is that- 5 heat shields??:laughing::laughing::laughing:

Speaking of Florida, when are you headed back? How many inches of ice are on those firs in your signature?

I think of Henry Ford with these stories and his vertical integration to do everything in house-just about. Stamping, assembly, even glass making and producing his own electrical power. Now everything is subbed out.

A lot of the old companies did the same. The cart and caster company I worked at in the summers was a good example. They bought raw materials like rough cut wood, and junk yard cast iron. Then kiln dried and planed and shaped and whatever to use the wood. Made their own castings. Did all the machining and welding and even made the rubber tires. The wood shavings were all sucked up and used to heat the place, so nothing was wasted. Every step was adding value to raw materials. They didn’t try to make their own bearings though. It was a great education because I got to work in all the departments.

And meny years ago I invested in a company that had land holdings in canada for shale oil holdings. Too early I guess, lost money on that one, still have the stock I think. So now I have a financial adviser for other funds, but happy not to gamble.

No kidding…ASAP. There is snow on the firs! We tried to stay long enough for the leaves to finish falling so we could clean them up (like in an ordinary Fall), but now they’re buried. I think, with the forecasts, they will have to wait until the spring when we come back.

Right now I’m texting with a high school friend who lives north of us (when in FL) in Clearwater. it was 91 there today! 26 here. It’s 9:00 p.m. and my condo Wi-Fi thermostat reads 79 inside and 79 outside.

What part of paid, unlimited, all inclusive vacation where it’s warm and sunny, don’t I understand? I’ve got to get out of here!!!


My dad invested in a solar outfit about 30 years ago. For a couple years he got dividend and then after nothing for a while I had to break the news to him that the place was no more. Now for $25 you can buy a share of the local solar farm, located on a farm. I’ll just stick with the mutual funds. If they want to spend their $25 that’s ok, but I remain resistant. But but but then there is the latest CO2 eating algae that is sure to revolutionize air flight . . . I remain resistant. Call me experienced. Yeah I’ve still got some Health Edutech stock that I wrote off years ago. It was supposed to revolutionize the classroom experience, but then came the internet.

When I was younger I bought some property up north in the Yukon Territory. TV’s Sergeant Preston and his dog King hung out there. My cereal box offered the land and I bought a parcel.


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I think you should move there. Discovery Channel will start a TV series about you and your new life off the grid. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just a few problems with that…
It’s too cold there. A total of one square inch of land drastically restricts what one can build on it. I can’t find my deed. I’ve heard that the folks selling all the property at Klondike Big Inch Land Co, Inc. didn’t actually own it. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

A little to the left. No too far, come back a couple inches, right about there. Makes me cold just thinking about it but I never missed a Sgt. Preston episode.

I’m liking this Amway Health, Beauty and Heat Shield Company we’re starting here. :wink:

Don’t confuse the issue with pertinent details. Did I use the wrong emoji to show I was joking?

Somebody has to make them I guess. It doesn’t seem like it would be particularly exciting work, but it seems to pay well. I guess we have to remember that nearly every part in a car is an industry in itself. That washer that has a D shape middle rather than the normal circular? Some company is bringing in 1/2 billion dollars a year making that part :wink: