2005 Toyota Corolla - Heat shield worries

I recently had my bottom heat shield removed because it had come loose and would have cost me over $150 to get repaired. I’m starting to regret my decision. The mechanics told me that there would be no risk involved but after doing some research I’m starting to question their advice. What kind of risks are involved without a heat shield? I drive in the city to and from school everyday and sometimes I do uber eats to make some extra money. Should I go to a repair shop and get another heat shield put on?

If you are talking a bout a shield that is mounted below a hot exhaust part, I believe its primary purpose is to prevent a grass fire if you park on dry grass.

There are probably 15 to 20 heat shields on your vehicle, each provides a certain level of protection.

Automakers don’t add anything to your vehicle that adds weight that they could leave out.

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Wow! I paid $30 to have my mechanic put it back on…the long one over the exhaust.

Depending on the shape and curves, you might be able to get yourself aluminum sheets at your hardware store and cut and pound this thing into shape and put it on yourself. I did this several times for my 1999 Dodge and so far lasted over 3 years.

The heat shield that came was removed from my car was towards the back above a pipe that runs through the bottom to the muffler. It looks like it was under the gas tank (?) but I’m not totally sure. I’m starting to believe I made a mistake trusting the mechanics at the dealership.

Yes I’m starting to believe that I made a mistake trusting the advice of the mechanics at the dealership. Hoping that I can contact another auto shop and have them put one on.

That could be a good reason the replace that thing.

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Ok , the dealer was going to replace the heat shield with a new part. This is something that an independent muffler shop can do for less money . I doubt if you were told wrong that you could do with out it but have it fixed and then you will have one less thing to worry about.