Growling noise in 2002 Acura RSX Type S

I was hit about 3 years ago on the right front portion of the car. Ever since then, I have this growling noise every time turn left (never going right). It’s worse the harder the turn is. Performance doesn’t seem to be at all affected. I’ve had it to two mechanics and neither of them were any help. I’m looking for suggestions because it’s starting to drive me nuts! The car runs great otherwise.

First off, I might run a few tests.

was this a head on, 45Deg, or 90 Deg inpact?. and how much of the front vs side. Was the radiatoror the headlamp or the wheel hub impacted the most?.

Have you inspected under the wing (fender) to determine is the plastic mudshields, charcole canisters, etc were replaced properly. look for signs of rumming on fender parts, ie no dust, where dust should be, or no paint where paint should be. Your tyre coudl be hitting moving plastic parts.
Is this speed related, ie, at full tight lock on a carpark @5mph = no noise, whereas, 50mph and a slight turn = lots of noise.

Next, underhood. Check you may have loose Radiator fans or radiator, or radiator cowling and they are getting thrown against each other on the turn.

Next Hub. Check see if there are dust and dirt shield parts of the brake/steering hub loose and dragging on the brake disk.

Engine mounts. It may be possible your engine (and G-box) is moving as a whole, thus, the gearbox is pressing on the end of the driveshaft on that side, preventing it it’s normal degree of freedom.
Look for excessive movement in the CV joints on that side.
Wile yo uare at it , check for briken or leaking grease boots on that side (and the opposite).

Worn bearing.
Worn bearings tend to grumble when loaded, so whichever side bares the load wile turning, R in this case.
They get worse with wear.
They develop a beat with the car, like Turbo-prob aeroplane engines.

and have you checked the fluid level in your Power steering pump reservoir?.

Any bias in the steering?