Group V Oils (Redline, etc.)


Does anyone know what other Group V oil is out there besides Redline? I’m looking for an ILSAC graded oil for my 2007 RAV4, which Redline (apparently) is not.


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I believe Mobil 1 is.


I use Mobil 1 which is an ILSAC GF-4,API SM,SL,CF and is acceptable in almost all cars,gasonline & diesel except Volkswagen, and a few others. It is acceptable in all Toyota models, if you use the right grade, i.e. 5W30 or 5W20, according to the latest bulletin. You can buy Mobil 1 anywhere, but Walmart prices are usually the best. Mobil 1 is a full sythetic Polyalphaolifin (PAO), made entirely from synthetic molecules.


I thought M1 was only a group IV, but I may be wrong.


Yes, I believe your are right that Mobile 1 is Group IV. Redline is the only Group V (ester) that I am currently aware of.