0W-16 oil as Lexus designates or 0W-20 full synthetic "Hybrid" as Mobil1 sells?

Anyone know the difference?

Thank you.

The difference is 4 points on the viscosity scale. Like it would make a big difference at all. (sarc)
either will be fine.


Use what your owners manual says to use. Toyota designed it and know what oil to use better than you or us.


Additionally, 0w-16 that complies with Toyota/Lexus specs is not exactly hard to find.
A week or so after buying my current vehicle, I found it on the shelf at Walmart, but it is available at Napa, Autozone, Advance Auto, and–likely–other retailers as well.


Why would he do that? He doesn’t follow the owner’s manual for other things, like tire pressure.


Two things: First, Mobil1 seems to be doing the same thing one dog food brand is doing, advertising dog foods specific to different breeds (lab vs. golden retriever, for example), which is of doubtful importance. Second, the Mobil1 site lists no oil for this RX350h, so there’s no need to consider the 0W-20 ‘hybrid’ oil.

Thank you.
Our Walmart Superstore has no 0W-16, so shipped free to home when buying over $35.

Buthen I see Mobil1’s “Hybrid” in the store made for thextra loads imposed on hybrid vehicle’smaller engines. The RX350h engine is 2.5 liters. (Wanted non hybrid, but wife overruled.)

Last week this vehiclendured a 264-milemergentransport to a hospital on the western slope.
I always try to be as gentle on thengine as possible but had good headwinds and going up grade.
Kept watching the temperature gauge and it onlyery slightly raised above normal.

[No. When operating temperature, the fourth segment appearslightly above the midpoint of the vertical scale. Was not above what it has always indicated whenormal driving.]
I dislike what appears to be a 7-segmentemperature scale.

Nowondering if I should use Mobil1’s Hybrid 0W-20.
My OCD oil changes are done 6 to 7k. Last at 34,250.
(A 5-quart bottle conveniently places the oilevel slightly above the dipstick upper dot!)
Now another bloodelivery.

All RX models have 2.5 L engines, with or without turbo, with or without hybrid. I call the claim of ‘extra loads imposed on hybrid vehicles’ nonsense.


Just put some 5W-30 synthetic in and drive on.

Edit: the above is what I would do, seriously, without hesitation, humorless emoji police not withstanding.

Buy 2 and get free shipping.

Amazon.com: Mobil 1 Advanced Fuel Economy Full Synthetic Motor Oil 0W-16, 5 Quart : Automotive

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Why not Just buy the readily available 0w-16 oil?
Despite the OP’s apparent belief that the correct viscosity/correct spec oil is only available at a Toyota/Lexus dealership, it’s actually readily available at other brick & mortar stores, most likely at a lower price.

The bottle of Mobil-1 0w-16 oil that I bought 11 months ago specifically mentions that it is appropriate for Honda and Toyota engines for which 0w-16 oil is specified.

In any event, the OP is making this entire issue much more difficult than it really is… as usual.



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Silly me. I thought you had a sense of humor/sarcasm.
The emoji was lost on you.

The owner’s manual states that you can use 0W-20 for one service interval but 0W-16 must be used for the next oil change.

The owner’s manual also states that a higher viscosity oil may be better suited for high-speed operation.


If you are outside the EPA’s jurisdiction (Mexico) the following oil viscosities are acceptable: 0W-16, 0W-20, 5W-20, 5W-30 and 10W-30. This information is in the Lexus service manual.

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The owners manual tire pressure is not optimum for high speed driving, I doubt if mustang man would follow it if the were planning some high speed driving.

This is car talk, not speed enforcement. If high speed driving by a competent and aware driver is so dangerous , why do police engage in it all the time? It is not always an emergency situation, Sometimes it is just to get to the restaurant while the cute waitress is in.


Thank you. Thought they had different engines.
“My writing”.
A hospital called as I was beginning to read the container. Think it said something like that.

The temperature display shows normal operating temperature as four vertical segments ----
During themergency transport, while pushing thengine it did not indicate an increase in temperature. (no fifth segment). How much above normal before the 5th segment appears??

Thank you.
Makes the 0W-20 hybrid oil a better choice.

RX is mostly in the garage. But now no Goodwill electric skillet engine/transmissioheater because of the RX’s bottom cover.

Thengine has gotten very cold when I sleep in a mountaihospital’s parking lot because I am too tired to drive home. Never had a problem starting it.

Assume the 0W-20 is to be changed back to 0W-16 to allow best fuel economy.
As a Registered Tree-hugger and Greenie, when returning I should have wing-nuts to undo and stow the light bar inside to improve aerodynamics and fuel economy.
Did that withe Jeep Cherokee.

I think that I do, but…

… what does an emoji with a cowboy hat have to do with making a sarcastic/humorous comment?

If you had used an emoji like this one… :smirk:… or this one… :wink:… or even this one… :upside_down_face:… it would have been much more obvious that your suggestion was not a serious one.

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Driving at 10+ recommended tire pressure (which Gift) has stated many times in this forum is NOT recommended at ANY speed. It’s dangerous.

Maybe because they had proper training. Gift’s whole crap line about emergency blood deliveries is total BULL. No state in this country will allow it. Driving at extremely high rate a speed on over-inflated tires is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS.

I Overinflated My Tires. Is That Bad? (firestonecompleteautocare.com)

What Happens If Your Tires Are Overinflated? - headlights.com

I Overinflated My Tires - Is My Safety at Risk? | Telle Tire

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Given the heat build up when I do track days… I set my tire pressures lower than factory recommended 30 psi. 27 to start gives me 34 to 36 when heated up for max cornering traction.

For high speed highway use I might set them to 34 but no more because they will gain 2 to 4 psi. Beyond that, cornering traction falls off.

10 psi over cold puts you just past the pressure of traction maximum. The extra heat of driving just makes it worse. Especially since the recommended pressures for the hybrid were likely set higher in the first place for better mpgs while letting the ride suffer a bit.

20 psi will give a much softer ride but you’d be crazy to do that. Just as crazy as 10 psi over to save a couple 10ths of an mpg.

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