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Grinding noise when accelerating in jetta

So about a week ago my car started having issues. It is a 2017 Jetta, manual. I put the car into reverse then it didn’t want to come out of reverse. After that it didn’t have 2nd or fourth gear. I am still having issues coming out of reverse but I can get it to go into all gears most of the time. Well yesterday started hearing a grinding noise when I accelerated in all the gears. When I let off the gas no noise, press the clutch no noise. The noise is coming from left side of the car. I have 0 clue what this could be. I have a video of the noise but it won’t let me upload.

With luck it is a problem of the mechanical linkage between the shift lever and the transmission.
Without luck it’s internal to the transmission or the clutch.
Is there a warranty still in effect?

Yes there is still a warranty. Also the clutch was replaced I think within the past six months

Good luck and please keep us informed!

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Wow! Just learning to drive a manual, are you?

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No I’m not, this car was my fiance’s and he drove it in the desert at 29 Palms pretty hard