Grinding noise in my "new" 2002 Subaru forester

Just bought my subaru forester with 113,000 miles, went for first road trip - when I go over 60 mph a load grinding noise - seems to be coming from rear - starts - at first was fairily intermittent then became more frequent (drove roundtrip 6 hrs each way in day in a half) - sounded like “muffled metal” grinding…is this a u-joint? ,

Do you have the past history on this vehicle?

Subaru’s timing belt is supposed to be replaced at 105k miles, do you know if that has been done?

Was it driven without care? Was it serviced regularly or was it neglected for periods of time?

The metal grinding noise could be from a number of things such as wheel bearings, faulty differentials, worn U-joints (these can be tested without being up on a hoist by putting your foot down hard on the brake pedal and shifting from drive to reverse. If you hear and feel a clunk, a worn U-joint may well be the culprit.

If the tires were of different sizes (eg. circumferences) there could be damage to the transfer case.

You might want to ask around your relatives, friends, family or co-workers if they know of a reputable Independent shop/tech that can take a good look at your vehicle for problems that may also arise in the future.

Barely worn components detected early can save you plenty later. Most independent techs won’t try to pad their bank accounts at your expense.

Thanks alot for responding on Christmas - I have asked the person I bought the car from regarding the timing belt - he hasn’t gotten back to me yet - I will try the brake pedal/drive suggestion tomorrow - Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!

Just bear in mind that the timing belt has nothing to do with a grinding noise from the rear of the car. The timing belt is important to replace on schedule in order to prevent catastrophic damage to pistons and valves in the event of breakage, so you definitely want to replace it if the prior owner didn’t. The noise that you are hearing, while potentially also serious, is a separate issue entirely.

I assume that you did not receive maintenance records for this car when you bought it, and I also assume that you did not have it inspected by a trusted mechanic prior to purchase. If I am correct, you could have some situations that you did not anticipate. Hopefully, I am wrong on both counts.

You may have a bad bearing, rear differential or possibly u joint axle. The best way to tell is take it to a shop (Subaru specialty better) and put onto a lift.

Thank you - I am going to a larger community tomorrow and will try to find a subaru specialist today to take it to. I appreciate your comment.

I hope you don,t take it the same dealer the last ten subaru owners just read about they all have had problems