04' Subaru Forester Grinding in Rear

I have a 2004 Subaru Forest with 181K. I have a grinding that is loud and worsening in the cold weather coming from the right rear of my car. Is this a CV Joint or a bearing issue? It is far more noticeable at low speed that high with the radio on.

Yes, this could be a bearing issue, especially in view of the number of miles on the odometer.

There was a recall on some Subaru models for defective rear wheel bearings, but whether you model/model year is covered by that recall, I cannot say. However, if you phone the service department of any Subaru dealership, give them your VIN, and ask if there are any open recalls, you can find out for sure.

Would that mean replacing the whole CV joint, which I’m ok with…I would do both sides.

The grinding is during movement and at the speed of the car’s movement…

Regardless, a quick look underneath to examine the condition of the boot on that side would be worth it. It won’t get better by itself and cold weather noise could be a lesson in disquise encouraging you to have it looked now before extended trips latter.

I’d replace the faulty bearing or axle, whichever is causing the noise. I would not replace that component on the other side if it’s ok. It could be good for many more thousands of miles. Even if a boot is torn, if that cv joint is quiet I’d leave it alone. There’s no money saved by doing it early.

Thanks all! I’m about even on the cost of the parts, either CV or bearing (hopefully CV since it is an easier repair). I took a look at the CV boot and found that it looked fine. I had a Subaru parts dealer, Jackie at Annapolis Subaru, state that they had replaced plenty of front CVs, but no so many rear. I did hit something hard enough with that particular tire to dent the rim. That could have something to do with it. I seem to nic more curbs than anything with the rear but nothing with the front. I hope to pop into the mechanic tomorrow and let him look at it since I now know that I’ll be fine on the cost to go ahead and have it done. Thanks for the help and the knowledge, especially since if the other is fine, I don’t have to replace it as a pair.

I took it to the mechanic. Wheel bearings! I wasn’t one of the ones that had a recall on the bearings. They only recalled for a suspension arm, but not in my state, and something else that didn’t apply to my state. BooHoo! Well, she is at the mechanics to get new bearings. Hopefully it won’t cost me an arm and a leg.