Car turns over and then makes a sound at start up. Any suggestions?

Hello. So, my car started making a sound recently as I start her up. I turn the key and it turns over properly but just as the motor starts she makes a noise that almost sound like rubber belt being rubbed against something. I’d call it a grinding but it really doesn’t sound like metal on metal. Any suggestions?

OK, update. I just started it and it made that honking/grinding noise while I turned the key as well.

.Does the noise get worst when you turn the steering wheel?

No, the noise stops after the car starts. It runs fine after it starts.

I had a Dodge Caravan sound like that years ago. It turned out to be a cracked flywheel.

How long did you get the serpentine belt replaced on your car? Seems like its slipping at start-up and gets better after that

The noise you hear might be the overrunning clutch on the starter beginning to fail.


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Try popping the hood and having a friend start the car while you listen to try to detect what’s making the noise. You might get lucky.

It would probably pay to get a shop diagnosis, then you might be able to fix it yourself if you want. I’m guessing the starter motor needs replacing. Have your shop check to make sure the starter’s mounting bolts aren’t just coming loose first. There’s more than one possibility for the noise source, but replacing the starter motor seems a pretty candidate to fix it. In the process of the change-out, check the condition of the old starter gear’s teeth, and the flywheel’s teeth too.