Grinding issue when turning - 2013 WRX

Greetings all. I’ve been getting a grinding sound when turning my car. The sound is especially noticeable when pulling in or out of a parking spot and when turning at low speeds. The sound I hear is reminiscent of an old bed spring compressing or an ironing board closing (maybe a bit deeper of a sound than that though). I took it in for service, and they replaced the strut tops. However, the sound returned the next day, and it seems to be getting worse. I plan to take it back in, but wanted to check with the community for some ideas. All parts in the car are stock. Thanks for your help!

I’m going to guess that you have a defective power steering pump. Unusual on a new car, but that’s my wild guess.

Be sure you keep all your copies of the shop orders and keep persuing this. You’ve reported it while it was still under warranty, so if they have difficulty solving it or it presents itself again and again even after the warranty runs out it should still be covered.

Meanwhile, join some Subie forums for ideas and keep yourself informed about any recalls that come up. Should it turn out to be a common problem, it’d be good to be aware of that fact.

Have them look at the at the center differential fluid

And then take new car off their lot to see if it makes the same noise.


Thanks, I’ll definitely ask them about the pump and the differential fluid.