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Grinding on my 1993 Toyota Corolla

Hi, there- So I just purchased a car on craigslist and it’s already given me grief (new radiator, new converter) and now it’s making noise when I turn the wheel. This happens more often when I’m going slow (getting out of a space, slowing down for a turn) and it’s a low moan/groan, like the car is in pain sound. Any idea what this may be? Is it worth fixing? What if I can deal with the noise, will the car explode?

Could be a worn power assist steering unit or perhaps a worn wheel bearing.

First off, the repairs made are not unusual for a car this age.

The sound you describe is typical of a failing power steering pump, also not unusual on a car this age. Pop the hood, have someone turn the wheel while you listen, and I’ll bet you’ll find the noise coming from the pump. You can better isolate noises like this using a metal tube or rod and touching components, but BE CAREFULL…you don’t want to accidently stick the metal rod into something moving or something electrical.